A Big Step

After a few days of taking the steroids…the pain didn’t go away.  My doctor had told me if the pain didn’t stop, he would give me a cortisone shot.  I did not want that.  I didn’t want patches for the pain, I wanted the cause to be found and to have whatever this was to stop.  I was beyond thinking it was “Tennis Elbow”, the pain in my should blade was still ignored.

The words of my cousin recommending a chiropractor back in January kept ringing in my head.  What could it hurt?  Maybe I should do it.  There were SO many offices – where do I start?  I started to whip myself into a needless, pain filled frenzy.

I was walking downtown one afternoon and I found myself heading toward an office I had passed numerous times before.  I took a deep breath and went in.

The office was dimly lit and calming.  The receptionist, Stephanie, immediately said hello with a warm smile.   I relaxed, I felt safe here.  I told her what I was feeling and the pain that I could not control.   She told me I could get in next week with a Dr. Dia.  I took the leap, I made the appointment.

She handed me the appointment card and told me my intake forms will be in my email by the time I got home.   For the first time in weeks, I felt optimistic.


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