First Doctor, Second Time Around

*note to readers – this is a continuous blog, please read the earlier 3 posts. I also have a blog for when random thoughts hit me *

I felt pretty good for nearly two months.  There was still some pain behind my shoulder blade, but I pushed it off.
Then it started happening.  The pulling feeling in my triceps.
Then the numbness in my elbow.
Then the painful cramping in my forearm
Then the tingling in my fingers, fading into numbness.
Pouring down my arm like molasses.

I called my doctor immediately and made an appointment. I NEEDED to get ahead this, the constant unrelenting pain was unbearable.  “All I need is another steroid pack, ” I thought to myself.  I was looking forward to the pack too much, I almost felt like a junkie.

The appointment came and I was reprimanded by my doctor.  I NEEDED to wear the brace ALL the time.  Another steroid pack was prescribed and I went on my merry way.

Relief was around the corner. Or so I thought.


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