January 2015: It Begins

It all started with a Big Bang.   The Big Bang Theory television show, that is.  That previous August, I met up up with a group of strangers – known only to me via fansites and user names – to see a taping of the very show that brought us together.   The trip was magical (seriously, that is the only way to describe it) and we agreed to do it again.  It was on this second trip to California when it all begin.

I was out to dinner with a cousin and his girlfriend, enjoying a table full of sushi when the pain started.  The muscle under my left shoulder blade felt like it was pierced with a hot nail and my left arm was getting sore, a cramping pain.  My cousin noticed my shift in mood immediately.  I brushed it off, thinking it was a bad sleeping position or the flight.  My cousin told me to see a chiropractor when I got home.  A chiropractor?  I nodded to him and laughed in my head.  How the hell would a back cracker help me with a simple muscle pull in my arm?  I thought he was totally daft.   That night, back in my hotel room, I loaded up on Advil.  I didn’t sleep – the pain was not going away.

The next day I went to CVS and bought several boxes of pain patches, arm braces and even a sling.  The pain in my arm with close to unbearble at this point.  The taping was the next day.  I HAD to hold it together through that night and then get home after that.   I cut the patches into strips and strategically taped parts of my arm.  That, coupled with the brace, the sling and handfuls of Advil – I could manage.    I got through the day, the taping and the flight home without crying.  Mission accomplished!


Before the pain began at the studio tour



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